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Sloan News

1)  Further on the Sloan/Eric's Trip forthcoming split single...
The Sloan track is now a medley -- "Stove" into "Smother".
They've sampled a funky drum riff :-) and mixed it in so it should
sound pretty interesting.
The Eric's Trip track is still a cover of Sloan's "Laying Blame"
as far as I know.

2)  Talks with a prospective producer went well on Tuesday and
looks like he's the guy.  I forget his name -- does anyone on
the list know who produced the latest Odds record?  It's that
guy.  Looks like it'll be recorded in New York in Lenny Kravitz'
studio.  Don't know what's gonna be on it except for that 
"Shame Shame" song -- Jay says they're including that.

3) Jay tells me they've got another new song called "Autobiography"
coming out on some DGC compilation -- it was recorded on Chris
Murphy's 4-track and has hiss and everything.  :-)

4) Once again, Sloan are making an unadvertised appearance at 
tonight's cinnamon Toast Xmas party.


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