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Merry Kissmas, everyone.

Great show Wednesday night at the Deuce, folks.

I was surprised to see a lot of people out, but the place was pretty
packed up til the end.


- Madhat played capably, but they had pretty big songs to work with.
  Nothing too, too exciting.

- Sloan put on a great show when Chris Murphy actually put the video
  camera down... :)  They seemed to have a great time, and Chris' antics
  (jumping up and wiggling his hips in the air, playing his
  'instrument' in a suggestive fashion, as did Jay) gave us all a big
  laugh... at one point, Patrick said that he 'fucked up' the beginning
  of the last song they had played, and Chris said 'Shhh...'.  I guess
  you had to be there... :)

- Stinkin' Rich was really great!  I haven't seen much rap that I've
  been impressed with around here, but Rich had it together.  Great
  loop tracks and the scratching was right on.  His lyrics were
  clever, too.  Hope to see more of him around the scene.  (Note:
  he used to be in a rap group called 'Haltown' something, but
  they broke up, so he's doing the solo thing now.)

- Thrush Hermit stole the show, although I thought they weren't
  completely tight, except for "Shock Me" - which I've heard them
  cover before.  They came out in full makeup, dressed in black, and
  Ian spent a good deal of time sticking out his tongue at the
  audience and drooling saliva/fake blood on the stage.  Chris Murphy
  caught the whole thing on video while grinning his ass off and prowling
  around the stage and panning up and down Ian's guitar...  At one 
  point, Ian jumped down onto the dance floor and played his bass down
  in the crowd for awhile...  All in all, a great show.

So, that's what you missed, everyone - excepting the five local members
of the list who were there that I saw (Mike, James, myself, Adam and
Andrew).  It's too bad you all missed my disco/metal dance fusion...