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jale blurb from *Network*

GO DIRECTLY TO JALE  by Derek Weiler  *Network* December 1993

	The four young women in jale -- bassist Laura Stein,
drummer Alyson MacLeod, and singer/guitarists Jennifer Pierce
and Eve Hartling -- comprise one of the freshest and most
exciting young bands currently riding the wave of Halifax
fever.  But Stein admits that the hype carries a cost.  
"Between Toronto and the East Coast especially, there's a
kind of competition that happens and sometimes that's to our
	For the most part, though, jale's rise to national
attention has been sweet and easy.  The band formed in August
1992 with the help and encouragement of pals in Sloan and,
after "improving in leaps and bounds," contributed a cut to
Sub Pop's compilation EP *Never Mind The Molluscs* early this
year.  jale now has an album deal with Sub Pop and plans to
enter the studio in the new year.
	In the meantime, the group is touring hard and 
remains committed to the do-it-yourself punk ethic.  The 
members freely admit that they are still learning.  "That's
part of why we're original," says MacLeod.  "We just sort of
make it up as we go along."  They also maintain their 
friendships with other Maritime up'n'comers -- they recorded
their latest indie single with Rick White of Eric's Trip.

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