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Hardship Post article from *Network* magazine

HARDSHIP HACK  by Christopher Waters  *Network* December 1993

	Newfoundland trio Hardship Post has successfully made
the transition from being a live act to a recording act, but 
not without some consternation.
	"Live shows are one thing and records are another,"
says singer/guitarist Sebastian Lippa.  "I think that it's
always important to rock out live, but records give you a 
chance to experiment."
	"We really took the reigns with *Hack*," explains
Lippa, "we had input into the production, assisted in the
mixing and Mike [Pick, the bassist] did the artwork.  This is
a project where, if it fails, it will be entirely our fault."
	Lippa and bandmates Pick and drummer Matt Clarke, 
recorded *Hack*, their debut released by Halifax's 
Murderecords and distributed by Cargo/MCA, over three days at
Stereo Mountain, Rick White's Moncton, N.B. studio.  They 
chose White, a member of Eric's Trip, as producer because 
they liked his rough but ambient mix (*Network* editor note:
*He has been busy!*).
	"One of the things about recording with Rick," says
Mike, "is that he's very good at recording mood."
	"Records are like living things," Lippa explains, 
"they should have ebb and flow.  We wanted our listeners to
feel different things and not just be assaulted with punk
for 40 minutes."
	*Hack*'s six songs are both compelling and exciting
and should make Hardship Post proud, not nervous.

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