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Pest review from *The Coast*

review by Christopher Waters in  _The Coast_ Vol 1. No. 13

	Pest displays its rollicking pop on _Plays No. 817
The Visible Trout_, a cassette release from Montreal's 
newly-minted alternative label, Derivative.  Featuring 
plucky songs and some good-natured humour, _Visible Trout_
reels [JC note: ouch!] with Pest's natural charm.
	"Kitchen Sink"'s tabloid-inspired space creatures
and "Dungeon Boy"'s retro-pop are wonky acoustic numbers
fit for any sing-song jamboree, while "Waiting For 
Leonard" and "Break My Heart" recall 13 Engin' _Byram
Lake Blues_, which is to say, Neil Young's _Rust Never
Sleeps_ -- high praise in either case.
	_Visible Trout_ is made truly memorable because of
"Amanda Huggenkiss."  With its _Simpsons_-inspired title,
and stunning combination of discordant guitar noise and
dreamy melodies, "Amanda Huggenkiss" could be one of this
year's best songs.

3.5/5 [JC note:  Three and a half out of five what? Stars?
No!  Eighth notes!  Three and a half eighth notes?  What
does that make?  Three eighth notes and one sixteenth
note?  Music reviews are getting too bizarre for me...]

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