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Re: 1993 - my top twenty

James writes:

> You know, if people on the list want to make 
> up their own top ten or top twenty lists for
> 1993, I'd be happy to compile, weigh, and 
> post the results -- might be interesting!
> (send 'em to jrcovey\!/ac.dal.ca)

Rather than create my own list, I will make a few
comments about yours:

>   1993:  MY TOP TWENTY
>  1) SMASHING PUMPKINS  Siamese Dream
>  2) ERIC'S TRIP  Love Tara
>  5) NIRVANA  In Utero

No problem with these (nice to see that you agreed with
my earlier note about Siamese Dream and Love Tara being
#1 and #2 IMHO)!

I might have moved Nirvana down a bit in the list, however.
(They lose points for all the many many times that I have
heard a band described as the "next Nirvana!")   :-)

>  7) LIZ PHAIR  Exile In Guyville
>  8) BREEDERS  Last Splash

Two other excellent choices.....

> 12) U2  Zooropa
> 13) DANIEL LANOIS  For The Beauty Of Wynona

Now these I would have definitely moved up to 
around 6-7....granted, however, that I have not heard
everything on your list (or have heard only selected
tracks from some).

> artists that put out discs that i'd
> *like* to hear all the way through:
> -----------------------------------
> Cracker
> Juliana Hatfield 3

Two more hot candidates for the top 20 IMHO.

> not-so-great 1993 discs from artists I love:
> --------------------------------------------
> MATTHEW SWEET  Altered Beast
> THE WATERBOYS  Dream Harder

"Failed followups"? Really?

I have not heard all of Vs yet, but I like what I HAVE heard so far.

"Altered Beast" was WONDERFUL IMO, though not as good as "Girlfriend."
I would have put in in my top 20 for sure. 

"Dream Harder" wasn't exactly WONDERFUL, but "failed" seems a bit harsh.

> ----------------------
> URGE OVERKILL  Saturation
> (I had to put this record somewhere -- after all,
> it was number two on my list of guilty pleasures!)

This made the list of most over-rated local band by one of the Chicagoland
alternative stations. I agree.

Subjectivity.....ain't it grand?   :-)