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Love Tara

"a.p. lawrence" <alaw\!/julian.uwo.ca> wrote:

}On Fri, 5 Nov 1993, Brooks R. Duncan wrote:

}>  Am I the only one (besides James of course :)) that has Love Tara
}> already? I haven't seen any mention of it on here in a while.. I just 

I thought that James would have let us know it was out.  He didn't even 
manage to write a review of it, despite having had a 6-week advance copy.  
Oh well, some people are very busy (myself included).

}> into A&B Sound to try and replace some CDs that got ripped off from my
}> car.. (including Daydream Nation which is incredibly rare around here..
}> fuck) and while I was about to rebuy Siamese Dream I looked in the "E"
}> section and there it was.. yay :)

I'm sorry, but why did you look in the "E" section?  I guess Daydream 
Nation must be the band and Siamese Dream the album?  I've never heard of 
either.  Where are they from, and what are they like?  It must be good 
stuff if someone stole it from your car.

}    I picked it up last week. I was kind of shocked to see it, becuase
}I had been waiting a long time for it to come out, and I had given up on
}it coming out, since they kept on switching the release dates.

What was the actual release date?  My brother just bought it last night 
(Friday) and I didn't even know it was out.

}> I haven't gotten a chance to really listen to it yet, but from what I've
}> heard so far, its cool...

}    It's a great album, IMHO. It switches between mellow acoustic
}tunes and rocxking sonic noise tunes quite well. Even though they're using
}an 8-track for their recording, it still has that muddy feel to it.


I agree, it's definitely a solid album.  "Secret for Julie" really shows 
off her voice well (So does "Blinded", but from the other side of the 
spectrum!).  About half of it I already know from seeing them live, 
bootlegs, etc. and it all sounds very good.  It still has that "Rick's 
Basement" feel but the sound quality is much better than anything they've 
recorded before: the vinyl might actually be listenable.

In another post, ub819\!/freenet.victoria.bc.ca (Brooks R. Duncan) replied to
Roderick Affleck's query:

}>What is the sound quality of The new Eric's Trip disk?  I love their 

Oops!  I guess I already covered that one. :)

}>and really like the Peter ep, although I thought that the fact that it 
}>recorded on a 4-track kinda sucked.  Also, is there a record release gig 
}>Tara?  Someone suggested that they would be playing at the Cafe Ole on 
Nov. 10.
}>Anyone know?

} I love the fact that peter was recorded on 4-track.. it just wouldn't
}sound "right" any other way.. the album is recorded on a better quality
}machine though, but its by no means "glossy" production :)

No, it's not glossy, but I think the remixing listed in the credits (which 
are too short, BTW: not even a mailing address aside from SubPop 
themselves) was a big plus.  I was amazed at how good their 4-track stuff 
came out, but on anything but CD it would be hard to listen to.  8-track 
is a nice balance between muddy atmosphere and muddy sound.

A Cafe Ole gig would be great (I've yet to go to a gig there, despite the 
great shows they've lined up in the past) but I haven't heard about one 
(until now :)

My brother also picked up Network magazine at Sam's when he bought the CD, 
and in there is a nice pic of the band and a short blurb about their new 
release...... "Peter"!  Get With It, Folks!  They've released Songs About 
Chris, Stereo Mountain, and now Love, Tara since then.  Who's ET's PR man,