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Re: Love Tara

>I'm sorry, but why did you look in the "E" section?  I guess Daydream 
>Nation must be the band and Siamese Dream the album?  I've never heard of 
>either.  Where are they from, and what are they like?  It must be good 
>stuff if someone stole it from your car.

No... "Siamese Dream" is Smashing Pumpkins' newish album, and "Daydream
Nation" is a (godly, IMHO) Sonic Youth album... I have no idea why I was
looking in the "E" section.. the goddess Julie must have swooped down from
the heavens and told me to look there :)

>A Cafe Ole gig would be great (I've yet to go to a gig there, despite the 
>great shows they've lined up in the past) but I haven't heard about one 
>(until now :)

 Hmm... a bit far for me to drive :)

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