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Re: Love Tara

Re LOVE TARA Andrew wrote:

>I thought that James would have let us know it was out.  He didn't even 
>manage to write a review of it, despite having had a 6-week advance copy.  
>Oh well, some people are very busy (myself included).

I was busy all right, busy in the VG with a severe case of infectious
diarrhea... but, I'm baaaaaack!!!

For my capsule review you should check this week's Dalhousie Gazette.
Oh what the hell, I'll post it here as well.

>What was the actual release date?  My brother just bought it last night 
>(Friday) and I didn't even know it was out.

October 27.

>I was amazed at how good their 4-track stuff 
>came out, but on anything but CD it would be hard to listen to.  8-track 
>is a nice balance between muddy atmosphere and muddy sound.

I personally love the 4-track sound when it comes to this band.
But *Love Tara* doesn't suffer for being recorded on 8-track.

>My brother also picked up Network magazine at Sam's when he bought the CD, 
>and in there is a nice pic of the band and a short blurb about their new 
>release...... "Peter"!  Get With It, Folks!  They've released Songs About 
>Chris, Stereo Mountain, and now Love, Tara since then.  Who's ET's PR man, 

The rest of Canada is in the middle of discovering the Halifax flap.
*Cod Can't Hear* has just been released nationally -- they played the
Quahogs track off it the other night on Brave New Waves... that's
a release from *last year*...

Anyways, everybody remember to catch the ERIC'S TRIP edition of
EAR TO THE GROUND on everybody's favorite publically subsidized
national TV network tomorrow night...  those of you in Canada,
that is...


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