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*Love Tara* review

Review:  Eric's Trip  *Love Tara*   James Covey

     After several tapes and EPs, including two six-song CD
releases (*Peter* on MURDERecords, *Songs About Chris* on Sub
Pop), Moncton's Eric's Trip have released their Sub Pop full-
length debut, *Love Tara*.  The Trippers' trademark combination
of ear-splitting rockers and weirdly introspective ballads
has been honed to a fine edge, and with this home-recorded
15-song collection they have delivered on the promise of
their earlier material.

     If there was any question in fans' minds as to whether
the band could fill out an entire album with their typically
two-to-three-minute (and sometimes shorter) songs, this
release should put that quickly to rest.  *Love Tara* is a
truly inventive album.  Julie Doiron's vocal talents are the
spice in this musical recipe: her melancholic crooning on
tracks like "Secret for Julie" is surprisingly at home on the
same record with "Blinded", a grunge apocalypse that features
Julie screaming her lungs out.  Rick White's voice is no less
moody, and the opening and closing ballads on the disc
("Behind the Garage" and "Allergic to Love") show him to be
maturing as a songwriter, as does the anthemic "Belly".  As
for creative arrangement, there is no better example than the
naked, understated percussion break in the middle of "Stove"
-- it is a truly sublime moment.  *Love Tara* constitutes a
convincing justification of the basement recording ethic.

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