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Re: Flamingo closes

}Date sent:      Wed, 10 Nov 1993 09:46:14 -0400
}From:           "James R. Covey" <JRCOVEY\!/ac.dal.ca>
}Subject:        Flamingo closes
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}The Flamingo Cafe & Lounge has closed.
}Well, I think we all (in Halifax) saw it coming.

I saw reports weeks ago that they were having hard times.

}to come to an end sometime.  It's not just hard
}economic times; the Flamingo was not booking the
}bands people want to see.

Bingo.  It amazed we that with all the great local talent
and the hype about the "Halifax Scene" that it was all really taking place 
in one bar: the Deuce.  The Flamingo essentially stopped booking 
"alternative" acts, other than the open mike night, which was not to my 
knowledge well attended.  The bands they booked were certainly great acts, 
but the variety (blues, soul, cajun, a cappella, reggae, just about 
anything!) alienated the clientele.  There would be few people with such 
varied tastes that they'd go more than once a month.  The food from Soho 
Kitchen as well was too upscale and expensive for what started out as a 
punk club.

}For those of you not familiar with the Halifax
}music scene -- the Flamingo was the first real
}alternative music bar in Halifax and was the
}cornerstone of the college music scene for 
}seven years.

The original Club Flamingo on Gottingen Street was an all-ages no alcohol 
dive set in an abandoned theatre.  Decor was strictly black.  I wasn't 
into the "alternative" music at the time ('86) but I saw several great 
metal gigs there.  It was much more successful than any underage club 
which has followed it (well, OK, I suppose I can't comment on the Cafe 
Ole, since I've yet to check the place out).  So successful that they 
decided they needed a liquor license.  Many great shows were staged at the 
new Flamingo Cafe and Lounge, but I wonder if the original club could have 
survived as is.  The old building soon became home to Rumours, a gay club.

Enough history lessons.  Trivia questions: 
1) What was the name of the old movie theatre on Gottingen? 
2) Where did the name "Club Flamingo" come from?

The first one is probably only for native Haligonians, but the second 
should be answerable by anyone with a sense of humour.

}I, for one, am sorry to see it go.

I was sorry about 2 years ago, when it faded away from my tastes.  I think 
the last time I was there was Feb 14th, for the supposedly all-ages East 
Coast Music Awards Showcase, when my underage brother was forced to leave 
before the end of a 6-band show he had paid full admission for, because of 
Nova Scotia's stupid new liquor laws.  Cool show, by the way.  Thrush 
Hermit, Eric's Trip, Idee du Nord, Potbelly, Bung and Hardship Post.  I 
believe it was HP that we had to miss: they had just started playing when 
we got the boot, because we had finished eating our pizza and underage 
patrons are only allowed admission for "Family Dining Purposes".  Sux!