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Re: trivia

}Date sent:      Wed, 10 Nov 1993 13:04:31 -0400
}From:           JAGOULD\!/ac.dal.ca
}Subject:        trivia
}To:             rodenhiser\!/chem1.chem.dal.ca

}1) The old theatre which they turned into the Club Flamingo was called
}"The Cove". (I had the pleasure of playing there when I was in a silly
}band called the Deluxe Boys.)

Sorry, John, never heard of them :)
Yes, it was the Cove(y) :) theatre, not the Casino just up the street, 
which still has the name out front and has housed live bands and theatre 
on occasion since its closure.  For out-of-towners, I'll note that whereas 
in the 70's there were up to 10 spacious, comfortable, single or twin 
movie houses in town, all but the Oxford (and, if you wish, Wormwoods) 
have closed up (or blown up, in the case of the Hyland) in favour of 
cramped 5,6, or 8 cinema multiplexes with noisy, ignorant crowds and fake 
butter on the popcorn.  Most of the old cinemas just stand vacant, a waste 
of prime retail space.  Such is progress.  But, I digress.

}2) The name "Club Flamingo" came from that show "Police Squad" with
}Leslie Nelson. The sign was a flamingo being hit with a club.

To the best of my knowledge, yes, that was the inspiration.

}Do I win a prize? 

Sorry, I don't even have a nice ASCII trophy or anything.  I'm surprised 
though that I only got one response.  They were unfortunately easy 
questions.  Maybe someone could come up with something a little more 

}Best wishes,
}                          John Gould