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snob shop 10 inch

For those who don't know who Snob Shop is, they are Laura Borealis and
Chris and Matt Murphy, plus many others. They have released their first   
album called "Pick Of The Weeek". On the back cover there is a very nice
picture of Laura with two fingers in her nose. There is a full lyric 
sheet for all 10 songs plus the 'between song silliness'. Between the
songs there is Chris and Laura talking about the movie Grease, an elderly
couple trying to remember a song to play on their piano, etc. The album
was recorded on Chris Murphy's 4-track in his and Laura's houses (2places)
It sounds pretty good for vinyl from 4-track, its clearer that some
Eric's Trip. The vinyl is sort of a marble pink, like Thrush Hermit's
Ammo 7 inch. I am trying to remember the song list(Idon't have it with me)
		1) Foxy Inc.
		2) Kind Of Blue
		3) Fix The Van
		4) The Park
		5) Crying
		6) I love You
		7) Dream  
That's all I can remember right now :(
Anyway, I found it a Dischord(sorry to people not from the Halifax area,
I will write in Laura's address in the States(were she is studying) later.)
for $10. I think it is worth it, but it is very strange, Foxy Inc. is a disco
tune. I will write more about it when I have had more time to listen to it. 
So far I like it, but the musical and singing quality is not the best :)
In one song Chis and Matt are singing back, for Laura, in pitch the 
Bee Gee's would be envious of. More later.....

					Adam R.