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Please excuse, this was before Love Tara came out.

Review: Eric's Trip 'Peter' and 'Songs About Chris'


Eric's Trip is a 4-piece band from Halifax who combine

the usual indie-noise-pop with wonderul acoustic sounds

and harmonies to create a glorious mixture that's really

unlike anything else out there.  They put of their first

EP 'Peter' for Murderecords in Halifax in Jan. of '93...


The EP starts off with an upbeat rocker 'Need' that turns

out as one of their more straight-ahead songs, but is still

really nice with great harmonies.  The next track is 'Listen'

which is a decent standard indie-pop tune, the ep then sequences

into 'tangles' which is one of the most etheral-beautiful songs

I've ever heard, with a wonderful violin pattern, and the standard

eric's trip emotion-laden harmonies, probably the best song on

the EP.  'Haze' is another good indie-rock-pop tune, 'Happens

All the Time' is the only song I've heard that Julie Doiron sings

lead, and that's too bad, because it's a wonderful song, second

only to 'Tangles' on the EP.  The disc ends off with 'Deeper'

a somewhat disposable acoustic track.


SubPop signed eric's trip soon after, and they released a song

for the 'Never Mind the Mullosks' compilation (it also ended up

on the 'Sub Pop Employee of the Month' comp.) called Blue Sky

For Julie\Smother which is one of the best tracks I've ever heard.

Blue Sky for Julie is a sweet acoustic song with segues into

'Smother' another great hair song a la 'Tangles


They then released the 'Songs about Chris' EP for SubPop..

It starts off with a great track called 'hurt' which combines

acoustic guitar with great guitar fuzz to produce a wonderful song.

'Sloan Song' then 'Listen' (from the first EP) are two good

rockers, in particular 'Sloan Song'  Then comes 'Dinosaur' a song

from the twilight zone that cannot be explained with mere words,

a subtle number that takes a while to grow on you, but turns out

to be a good tune.  'Mirror' is next, another good rocker, then

'Sand' a gorgeous acoustic number, and probably the best song

on the EP ends off..