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the gig to end all gigs

Well, you know there's gonna be a lot of chatter on the net
about last night's gig, so I may as well take my shot...

SLOAN  October 3, 1993  McInnes Room, Dalhousie University, Halifax

	Sloan played Halifax last night, and they did it in front of
their biggest hometown crowd ever.  Since it was an all-ages gig, 
there was an extra shot of energy in the crowd with all the teenagers
present.  The two opening acts were Hardship Post and jale.

	Hardship Post - With the possible exception of their second-last
Deuce gig, HP put on what was the best show by them that I have ever seen.
I think they really won over a lot of first-timers.  I noticed that they
played four of their best songs first.  (I keep forgetting what that
"buh-buh-buh-buh-buh-buh-buh-buh" song is called -- it's gonna be the
leadoff track on "Hack", anyways...)  They made an interesting change
by playing "Colourblind" fourth instead of last.  And every time I hear
"Under The Influence of Meat Puppets II" I like it more, although I'm
pretty sure it should be called "Under The Influence of Lenny Kravitz".

	jale - What can I say?  They too put on one of their best gigs
ever.  What did people think of their new song?  I didn't find it too
exciting myself.  But I really liked their standards:  "Sweetness", 
"I Lied", "Twisted", and "Lung".  Newer song "Emma" from the forthcoming
*Sort Of Grey* 7" went over well, I noticed.
	The strangest thing about the jale set was what was happening
down in front of them.  As a small minority of teenage boys turned from
moshing to thrashing, a circle cleared down near the front and people
just let them go.  By the expressions on people's faces, only some were
amused -- the rest were annoyed at a small minority ruining things for
everyone else.

	Sloan - The last time that I saw Sloan was at the Flamingo with
Eric's Trip opening.  I think that was before *Smeared* had been released.
They put on a pretty good gig but didn't blow me away or anything.  
	This time, though, they were *really* hot.  That was such a cool
move to kick off with a Jellyfishbabies cover, and then to close with a
cover of Eric's Trip.  They began with a nod to the Halifax scene of the
past, and ended with a nod to the future.  They also played some of their
new material for us, and all the songs sounded *great*, especially "Pen
Pals" but also that "shame, shame, double shame" song and the two songs
that Patrick sang -- I really like his singing.
	There were some pretty funny moments when people started stage-
diving.  There were also some not-so-funny moments when the over-zealous
security people started shoving kids around.  There was one moment when
a sick girl was being helped out of the crowd by a stage guard and another
security guard rushed in, misread the situation and threw her back into
the crowd.
	That feedbackfest at the opening of "Underwhelmed" was kind of
fun -- and it seemed the whole crowd was moshing during that song.
That was wild.  But most people seemed to survive intact.
	That lip-synching to Duran Duran was kind of fun too.  It was
kind of strange to see Jenny, Matt, and Mike come out on stage at that
point -- Mike seemed completely lost!
	The songs that I recognized aside from "Smother" and the new
stuff were "Underwhelmed", "Raspberry", "I Am The Cancer", "Median Strip",
"Take It In", "500 Up", "Sugartune", "Pillow Fight", "Pretty Voice", and
"Lucky For Me".  I don't think I've missed any, but feel free to correct
me.  I would have liked to hear "Marcus Said" and "A Case of You", but
overall, I'm not complaining.
	By the way, it seems to me that by last night's crowd response,
"I Am The Cancer" perhaps could have been a big hit as a single.  Does 
anyone else feel this way?


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