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Make some noise!

     _                                  _   
 ___| | ___   __ _ _ __      _ __   ___| |_ 
/ __| |/ _ \ / _` | '_ \    | '_ \ / __| __|
\__ \ | |_| | |_| | | | |   | | | |  __| |_ 
|___/_|\___/ \__,_|_| |_|   |_| |_|\___|\__|

Hey there, subscriber!

Maybe you've joined SloanNet because you're a patron of the arts - you
know the type - horn-rimmed glasses and a glass of sherry.  Then again,
maybe you just like the feeling of your hair blowing back in the
breeze as a bass guitar pumps Herculean chords through an amp at 150db.

Whether you're more likely to bang your head into a bloody pulp at the
slightest squeak of feedback, or offer a thesis dissertation on the 
Romantic sublime in your favorite grunge tune, you're welcome here.

So pull up your virtual chair with us around the glowing cyberfire.
Let's raise a mug in warm communion to the wonderfully quirky world
of modern music.  Tell us about yourself.  Be controversial.  Be boring!  
I don't care.  I'm not your mother.  Get involved.  Lurk on the fringes.  
Get on your personal soapbox and/or high horse and rant about something.
Care, dammit!  Or don't.  Whatever.  

And if you're not from Halifax, tell us about the bands that make
your heart sing in your hometown.  'Cause who knows where the next
Halifax will be?

Scott Schuman
Listowner, SloanNet

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