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Re: Make some noise!

> }Care, dammit!  Or don't.  Whatever.  
> I tried once to organize a march to fight apathy, but nobody seemed to 
> care.

I don't know if apathy is entirely the issue here...  well, okay...  maybe
it is...  several times I've posted and seen no response/elaboration/
acknowledgement of my existance by other members of the SloanNet...  

Tragic, I know.

To anyone who knows the answer...  I bought one of the "Je M'apelle Sloan"
shirts when they were in Edmonton and I was wondering what the "G.D.C." stands
for in the bottom  center of the shirt???

> }And if you're not from Halifax, tell us about the bands that make
> }your heart sing in your hometown.  'Cause who knows where the next
> }Halifax will be?

Well, probably not Edmonton...  but, on the other hand...  we did produce
"SNFU"...  and, this weekend there's the Mosh Fest at the Northlands Agricom
which is essentially:

18 bands (some of Alberta's finest local talent...  or lack there of)
12 hours
6000 people

and SNFU is heading up the show...  

I dunno...  could 12 hours of loud music have a negative effect on the hearing?

On a side note...  does anyone have any news on Smashing Pumpkin's (possible)
tour of Canada??  They're in Vancouver on Oct 17th...  I'll be entirely
disappointed if they miss Edmonton...  (or Calgary)

Gotta fly...

Is anyone else from SLOAN Net in Edmonton?  Alberta?