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Re: Make some noise!

Scott Schuman <GEN4114\!/HUSKY1.STMARYS.CA>, our illustrious list owner, 
penned (typed) this heart-stirring call to arms:

}Hey there, subscriber!
}Maybe you've joined SloanNet because you're a patron of the arts - you
}know the type - horn-rimmed glasses and a glass of sherry.  Then again,
}maybe you just like the feeling of your hair blowing back in the
}breeze as a bass guitar pumps Herculean chords through an amp at 150db.
I hope not!  That's loud enough to blow your hair out at the roots!  I'd 
need earplugs, headphones, and a hard hat to deflect bits of falling 
ceiling plaster.

}Whether you're more likely to bang your head into a bloody pulp at the
}slightest squeak of feedback, or offer a thesis dissertation on the 
}Romantic sublime in your favorite grunge tune, you're welcome here.

Eric's Trip were on Much Music yesterday, giving a similar dissertation.  
Mark referred to their music as a mixture of punk and dreaminess, with an 
element of magic in every song.

}So pull up your virtual chair with us around the glowing cyberfire.

I love that line!  Well done!

}Let's raise a mug in warm communion to the wonderfully quirky world
}of modern music.  Tell us about yourself.  Be controversial.  Be boring!  
}I don't care.  I'm not your mother.  Get involved.  Lurk on the fringes.  
}Get on your personal soapbox and/or high horse and rant about something.

Wouldn't want my horse to fall of the soap box & break a virtual leg, 
because then I'd have to shoot him.

}Care, dammit!  Or don't.  Whatever.  

I tried once to organize a march to fight apathy, but nobody seemed to 

}And if you're not from Halifax, tell us about the bands that make
}your heart sing in your hometown.  'Cause who knows where the next
}Halifax will be?

Dartmouth, perhaps? 

"We  eligible  for  a  Tony"   --   David  Letterman,   "Late Show"
"Where the hell are the singing cats?" -- Paul Newman,  "Late Show"
Andrew P. Rodenhiser, Graduate Student RODENHISER\!/CHEM1.CHEM.DAL.CA
Dalhousie  University,  Halifax,  N. S.,  Canada  APRODEN\!/AC.DAL.CA
Fluorescence Probing  Studies  of  Polymer/Surfactant  Interactions