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Re: Make some noise!

}I don't know if apathy is entirely the issue here...  well, okay...  maybe
}it is...  several times I've posted and seen no response/elaboration/
}acknowledgement of my existance by other members of the SloanNet...  

Are you certain you ever got through?  I can't claim to remember every 
last post that's come in, but I don't remember your name.

}Tragic, I know.

Certainly!  It sucks to go unnoticed.

}To anyone who knows the answer...  I bought one of the "Je M'apelle 
}shirts when they were in Edmonton and I was wondering what the "G.D.C." stands
}for in the bottom  center of the shirt???

Haven't seen those: at the gig here sunday they had posters for the 
Calgary gig at the Republik.  But then, you're in Edmonton.
It could be a play on DGC, David Geffen Co.
I've also seen stuff locally with a logo very similar to DC comics which 
is actually DC-NT for Decent Management, who handle several Hfx bands.

}"SNFU"...  and, this weekend there's the Mosh Fest at the Northlands Agricom

Not the Coliseum, where the Oilers play?

}which is essentially:
}18 bands (some of Alberta's finest local talent...  or lack there of)
}12 hours

straight, or over 3 days??

}6000 people

Big hall!  What's the price?

}I dunno...  could 12 hours of loud music have a negative effect on the hearing?

Entirely likely!

}On a side note...  does anyone have any news on Smashing Pumpkin's (possible)
}tour of Canada??  They're in Vancouver on Oct 17th...  I'll be entirely
}disappointed if they miss Edmonton...  (or Calgary)

Didn't know about that one.  Could be a quick side trip from Seattle, 

}Is anyone else from SLOAN Net in Edmonton?  Alberta?  

She's not on, but say hi to Tamra Ross in Calgary, tamra\!/debug.cuc.ab.ca.  
She's a fan of metal, grunge, industrial, etc. and we've discussed both 
Sloan & Smashing Pumpkins recently.