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Barenaked Ladies

Originally From: jsulliva\!/feedback.CV.COM (Jeff Sullivan)
Original Subject: Barenaked Doughboys

> I have a feeling that Barenaked Ladies is probably not applicable in
> this list, but I'm from the "land down under" (USA) and I've only
> heard OF them, never heard anything BY them. They were even on network
> TV last week, but I missed 'em. Can someone describe what they play?
> I'm guessing by the plaid that they may be ska...of course, the same
> assumption might not do justice to the Mighty, Mighty Bosstones...

Nonsense!  As far as I'm concerned, wide-ranging discussion on various
"alternative" musics is acceptable here.  Barenaked Ladies fall into that
category and are near and dear to my heart because they are charming and
witty, and seem to have pulled themselves up into the musical spotlight
by their own bootstraps.

As for the type of music they play - their debut release on a major
label, _Gordon_, features flirtation with various styles of music; the
sound generally (r)evolves around/from the fact that they play acoustic
guitars, and feature a double bass.  The 'Ladies are most noted for their 
clever lyrics and on-stage antics.  I believe their most popular song from 
_Gordon_ is _If I Had a Million Dollars_, a wacky and whimsical little tune 
if ever there were one.

> I've heard one song by the Doughboys on Boston radio and it sounded
> pretty good. Are they on a major label yet?

I'm thinking that the song you probably heard was "Shine", and you're
right - it IS pretty good.  They played recently in Halifax (the Pop
Explosion, as you probably have already heard here) and they kicked
it pretty hard.  In the opinion of most people I've talked to, they put
on a great show.

As for being on a major label, I'm sure that they are, but I don't know
which one - James, or anyone else with information on that, feel free 
to illuminate this.

Interesting Note:  Peter Arsenault is the bassist(?) for the Doughboys,
and was a member of the Jellyfishbabies, one of the first bands to
make it outside of Halifax.