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}Date: Fri, 08 Oct 1993 11:03:59 -0400 (AST)
}From: Scott Schuman <GEN4114\!/HUSKY1.STMARYS.CA>
}Subject: Barenaked Ladies
}Originally From: jsulliva\!/feedback.CV.COM (Jeff Sullivan)
}Original Subject: Barenaked Doughboys
}> I've heard one song by the Doughboys on Boston radio and it sounded
}> pretty good. Are they on a major label yet?
}I'm thinking that the song you probably heard was "Shine", and you're
}right - it IS pretty good.  They played recently in Halifax (the Pop
}Explosion, as you probably have already heard here) and they kicked
}it pretty hard.  In the opinion of most people I've talked to, they put
}on a great show.

Chalk up one negative.  I wasn't impressed by the Shine video, nor was I 
impressed by their McInnes gig.  I found them plenty energetic, but there 
was just no variation from song to song, so it wound up just sounding like 
repetitive noise to me. I left in the middle of the show.  Despite having 
bought a pass to all 6 shows, I missed most of the Halifax Pop Explosion 
(PS: my 25th birthday is December 6th, Halifax Explosion day.  Get your 
virtual b'day cakes ready).  The best bands I saw were Scarce (sultry and 
energetic bassist, eerie looking vocalist) and Redd Kross (whom I saw 
twice.  Disco Bitch!  Disco Bitch!).  I mainly went to the Doughboys gig 
to see Thrush Hermit, who were great as usual, Hip Club Groove, who were 
weaker than usual- they work much better in a small room where you can get 
into the lyrics and improv more easily, and Redd Kross, who weren't quite 
as good as at their first show.

}As for being on a major label, I'm sure that they are, but I don't know
}which one - James, or anyone else with information on that, feel free 
}to illuminate this.

I don't know, nor do I plan to buy it.

}Interesting Note:  Peter Arsenault is the bassist(?) for the Doughboys,
}and was a member of the Jellyfishbabies, one of the first bands to
}make it outside of Halifax.

Are you sure?  I thought the former Jellyfishbabies member who was coming 
home for the Explosion was in NYC's Cheticamp (who really sucked, I must 

Who was the first NS musician to go big?  Myles Goodwin(April Wine)? 
Matt Minglewood?  Sam Moon?  Anne Murray?  Carroll Baker?  Hank Snow?