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Re: Make some noise!

> }My heart extends (ouch, that hurts!) in warmth and gratitude to you
> }and your household in this festive season for your kind words. :)

> A little early for Xmas cards (or were you thinking Thanksgiving and 
> sending the wrong cliched sentiment?)


> BTW: So do I!  (Well, Westphal/Cole Harbour, but my address says Dartmouth 
> despite being outside the city limits)

So you share my pride in being a Dartmouthian, I'm sure.

> A cover tune: "Ballad of Jimi Hendrix" by Stormtroopers of Death.  The 
> guitarist plays the first 8 notes of Purple Haze (and managed to screw it 
> up!) and the rest of the band, about 10 vocalists, turn towards him and 
> scream "You're Dead!".  The original version runs 7 seconds.

Two words:  Classy.  Stylish.

> I have no personal musical abilities or training.  I just like going to 
> gigs. 

But hell, who doesn't? (to either or both of your statements.  Interpret
at your discretion.)

> Do you know of any cool Dartmouth bands?  The only one I know is 
> Adrenalin, whom I haven't seen in a while.  

Well, a little known fact is that I, in fact, did sit at the back of
Grade 12 Canadian Law with Todd Zanni from Adrenalin.  He was known for using
examples from his own life to illustrate points of law.
A fascinating fellow, to be sure!

I should also point out that another of my classmates from high school,
Wayne MacPherson (English 441 and Accounting 441) went on to front
Chaz Rules for a brief, Shining (Here's Johnny!) moment.

> The big band from Cole Harbour is ICU: I didn't like them in high school, 
> and after almost 10 years I still don't like them.  Oh well, somebody has 
> to play The New Palace!

I must admit that I've never associated the "big band" sound with ICU, 
although some say there's a certain Glenn Miller influence there, you know,
a certain "je ne sais quoi".

And contrary to popular belief, *NO ONE* is obligated to play the
New Palace.  As Faustus points out, Hell is wherever God is not and even
ICU is eligible for redemption.

Your spiritual liason with Elvis,