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Miscellaneous ramblings...

Hello one and all from beautiful, sunny Halifax, Nova Scotia.

"Today is the greatest
 day I've ever known..."

So how's everybody doing out there?  Next week marks the mid-semester
solstice, when people across our fair continent celebrate the ritual of
the MidTerm.  What are YOU listening to, to chase away those angst-ridden

(Anyone able to identify where the above lyric comes from gets a special
prize...the coveted "Hearty Handshake"(TM)!!!!)

A big gig looms on the horizon.  I refer to the dates October 29-30,
when six (count 'em, six) of Halifax's dirtiest little bands show up
to throw some more gas into that Pop Explosion...a kind of eternal
combustion engine.  Yes, Sloan, Jale, Hardship Post, Bubaiskull, Thrush
Hermit (plus another band, but I know not which) will play the Deuce
on those fateful dates.  We'll keep you posted on those lineups and
prices - Sir James of Covey may have some information for us later.

Keep looking up,
Jack Horkheimer, the Star Hustler