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putting out fires...

>A big gig looms on the horizon.  I refer to the dates October 29-30,
>when six (count 'em, six) of Halifax's dirtiest little bands show up
>to throw some more gas into that Pop Explosion...a kind of eternal
>combustion engine.  Yes, Sloan, Jale, Hardship Post, Bubaiskull, Thrush
>Hermit (plus another band, but I know not which) will play the Deuce
>on those fateful dates.  We'll keep you posted on those lineups and
>prices - Sir James of Covey may have some information for us later.

Sir James of Covey here...
let me extinguish one potentially dangerous blaze here
before it gets out of control...
This one started when a post from Mr. Cliff Gibb implied that
*all* six of these bands travelling soon to the CMJ in New York
would be playing that Deuce gig... but such is not the case
as far as I know...
The new CKDU program schedule says that *5* of those six bands
will be playing the gig -- all but *Sloan*.
Sorry, no Sloan at the Deuce unless a miracle happens...


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