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big news...

The rumours are true.  Sloan and Eric's Trip are going to release a
split single together.

Here's the deal.
It's going to be a joint Cinnamon Toast/MURDERecords/Sappy Music
release that will be manufactured and distributed by Cargo Records.
It will be a benefit for CKDU, released to coincide with the funding
drive (February?  around then...  I'll check).

They will be covering songs by each other.
Sloan will be performing "Smother".  It remains to be seen whether
they will do a punky throwaway version like what we heard from them
in concert or whether they will do a more Sloanish version.  It also
remains to be seen whether they will do a second song.

Eric's Trip will be doing "Laying Blame".  That's the B-side found
on the US CDsingle of "Take It In" and the UK CDsingle of "I Am The Cancer".


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