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Hardship Post

The Thursday October 28 edition of the Dalhousie Gazette
will feature an article on Hardship Post featuring a
condensed version of my interview with lead singer/guitarist
Sebastian Lippa.

I will be posting the interview in its entirety here on 
Sloan Net, Friday, October 29.  (5000-word interview chopped
to 1000 words for the Gazette -- a Sloan Net exclusive!  :-) )

Highlights include news about future tours and releases.

Hardship Post will not only be playing the CMJ, watch for

upcoming releases
- one song on flexidisc to appear in November issue of NATIONAL CHART magazine
- possible release of three-song single from Brave New Waves session
  (new version of "Canopy", "Under the Influence of Meat Puppets II", 1 other)
- split single with Randy Bachman, each covering two of the other's songs
	(I kid you not)
- single to be released on Sub Pop
- *Hack* EP on Sloan's MURDERecords (early November), distributed by MCA

The band have gotten a grant to make a video for "My Only Aim"
(song from *Hack* famous for the "buh-buh-buh-buh-buh" vocal bit)

Something not included in the interview -- here's the song list for *Hack*:
+ My Only Aim
+ That's O.K.
+ Colourblind (rock version)
+ Reason
+ If Things Work Out
+ I Know You Didn't Want To

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