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*National Chart*'s review of Bubaiskull *Driveby Suicide* tape

BUBAISKULL  Drive By Suicide

One of the few bands seemingly overlooked in the recent music 
industry assault on Canada's east coast, Bubaiskull follow up
their nonetheless promising 7" single of last year with this
EP.  The five songs are less poppy and accessible than those 
of some of their east coast contemporaries like JALE and
LEONARD CONAN, a characteristic which can seem both good and
bad.  Chris Logan's singing voice is a cross between Lux
Interior of the CRAMPS and NICK CAVE, a style which may 
initially seem out of place.  Repeated listens however will
soon make the listener realize that Logan's throaty growl 
fits in perfectly with the buzz-saw guitar and heavy bass on
tracks like "Snake Oil" and "Joy".  Perhaps the most 
suprising moment of *Drive By Suicide* is the track "The Hum"
on which backup vocalist and bassist Allison Outhit steps to
the front for a few moments of raw pop bliss.  While the 
masses flock to find the next ERIC'S TRIP, do yourself a
favour and check out Bubaiskull's stripped-down and distinct
approach to pop music.

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