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Halifax Pop Explosion -- schedule!

HALIFAX POP EXPLOSION  -- Double Deuce Roadhouse Tavern, September 22-26

Wed 22 9:30PM  VELOCITY GIRL w jale, Plum Tree, Strawberry
Thu 23 9:30PM  LOU BARLOW from Sebadoh w Hardship Post, Eric's Trip, Quahogs
Fri 24 9:30PM  DOUGHBOYS w Bubaiskull, One Free Fall, Leonard Conan
Sat 25 1:00PM  LOU BARLOW w Scarce, Merge (all ages)
Sat 25 9:30PM  REDD KROSS w Scarce, Cheticamp, Karen Foster
Sun 26 7:00PM? \!/ McInnis Room, Dal SUB, REDD KROSS & DOUGHBOYS w Thrush Hermit,
                                        Hip Club Groove (all ages)

Tickets range from $8 to $11 in advance, or $10 to $13 at the door for
these events, but you can get a pass for everything for $30.  A darn
good deal in my book.

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