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cinnamon Toast CATALOGUE


all on 7" vinyl unless otherwise noted
CT001 - BUBAISKULL: Insex (4 songs) / 2nd pressing / red vinyl
CT002 - JALE: Aunt Betty (3 songs) / 2nd pressing / red vinyl
CT003 - QUAHOGS: Glaze (4 songs) / 1st pressing / purple vinyl
CT004 - LEONARD CONAN: Pub Slop (4 songs) / 1st pressing / yellow vinyl
CT005 - LES GLUETONES: Ugly Forty-Five (2 songs - 45rpm) / 1st pressing
        purple+mint swirl vinyl
CT006 - THRUSH HERMIT: Ammo (4 songs) / 1st pressing / white vinyl
CT007 - SKREECH: 3 song blue flexidisc
CT008 - JALE: Sort of Grey (3 songs) / 1st pressing / white vinyl
	co-release with Derivative Records

singles by mail are $4.00 + 1.00 postage (except Skreech flexi - $2.50)
COMING SOON: split single with Plum Tree and Strawberry, due out Nov/93
...and hopefully a split flexi with Hardship Post and a yet to be named
Vancouver band; released by cinnamon Toast and Mint Records
...and maybe even an Al Tuck CD

100 Flowers; Places We Sit/CD - $10.00
The Gluetones: CD - $10.00
Chaz Rules: Tragic Mom/Cass. - $7.00
Purple Groove Monsters: Cass. - $7.00
Haltown Meltdown: Halifax rap compilation/Cass. - $7.00
No Class: High School compilation on No Records/Cass. - $7.00

write - cinnamon Toast Records, 2464 Robie St., Halifax, NS, B3K 4N1
(902) 492-0402 
In the UK write - cinnamon Toast Records UK, c/o Jayn Ritchie, 
9 Alexandra Rd, Flat F, Reading, RG1 5PE, UK

James R. Covey         <JRCOVEY\!/ac.dal.ca>        What syllable are you seeking,
..........................................        Vocalissimus,
Department of English                             In the distances of sleep?
Dalhousie University  Halifax, NS  B3H 3H5        Speak it.