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Re: this is really odd

On Mon, 20 Sep 1993, James R. Covey wrote:

> This is the first time I can remember this list being this quiet
> for this long -- right when Sloan are on tour across the country.
> Has anyone on the list *seen* any of these gigs?

	I saw Sloan when they hit London on the 13th. Their show was
great, but it was a tad short (only about 75 minutes). They played almost
all of my favorites, including "Take It In", "Underwhelmed", "I Am The
Cancer", "Median Strip", "Sugartune", and "Two Seater" with the lyrics to
Red Barchetta(spelt wrong) by Rush. They also played "Smother" by Eric's
Trip, my all-time favorite East Coast band (sorry Sloan). They also played
"Silver Rocket" by Sonic Youth, which was a bit weird. Still it was a good
show. I only wish they had played "500 Up", and played a bit longer. And
for those who were curious, Thrush Hermit and hHead opened up for them.
Thrush Hermit pretty well bit, but hHead were great.

BTW, does anyone know what's up with Eric's Trip? I heard they were
playing a festival in Britain, but that was the last i heard of them. I
saw them in May, and they were amazing. I hope they put out a full-length
album someday, and go back on tour. I really want to see them. Also, is
Jale going back on tour? I saw them in July, and they were great. I'd love
to see them again, too.