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Sloan in London and what's going on

>	I saw Sloan when they hit London on the 13th. Their show was
>great, but it was a tad short (only about 75 minutes). They played almost
>all of my favorites, including "Take It In", "Underwhelmed", "I Am The
>Cancer", "Median Strip", "Sugartune", and "Two Seater" with the lyrics to
>Red Barchetta(spelt wrong) by Rush. They also played "Smother" by Eric's
>Trip, my all-time favorite East Coast band (sorry Sloan). 

Don't worry -- Sloan members would say the same thing...

>They also played
>"Silver Rocket" by Sonic Youth, which was a bit weird. 

You mean it was a weird version, or weird that they covered Sonic Youth?

>Still it was a good
>show. I only wish they had played "500 Up", and played a bit longer. And
>for those who were curious, Thrush Hermit and hHead opened up for them.
>Thrush Hermit pretty well bit, but hHead were great.

Still... don't you think TH are pretty good for having just
graduated high school?  Or did they seem to be having an off night?

>BTW, does anyone know what's up with Eric's Trip? I heard they were
>playing a festival in Britain, but that was the last i heard of them. 

They toured the UK with Redd Kross September 7-19.
They play the Halifax Pop Explosion two days from now.

>I saw them in May, and they were amazing. I hope they put out a full-length
>album someday, and go back on tour. I really want to see them. 

The new album is called *Love Tara*.
It's got 15 tracks and is about 38 minutes long.
It will be released on Sub Pop/Cargo across Canada October 15
and then across the USA in November.
I highly recommend it -- it is a musical step forward for them.
The laid-back songs are mellower and cleverer than ever --
the fast-tempo songs really cook and come closer to representing
what the band is capable of in a live setting.

>Also, is
>Jale going back on tour? I saw them in July, and they were great. I'd love
>to see them again, too.

I don't know when they are touring -- it should be soon.
I should get a chance to ask about that tomorrow night (they are playing here).
Their next release is coming out on Cinnamon Toast records in Halifax
and Derivative Reckids in Montreal -- "Sort of Grey", a 7" single.


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