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> WEll, from the posters that are around here it looks like a local band
>called "Bovine Love Jelly" (heh) and some band I've never heard of called
>"Change of Heart" are opening up for Sloan on the 27th (which is when I'm
>going to see them :) ) 

Change of Heart are from Toronto.
They have a song on the "Raw Energy" A&M alternative compilation
(as do jale & Eric's Trip).  The cartoon on the front of the CD
seems to refer to them (band member on payphone while on tour:
"No!  We're not a Christian rock band!").

>I don't know if Thrush Hermit (who according to the
>tour posters I've seen are supposed to be opening for Sloan) have gone
>back to Halifax, or if the local posters are wrong, or what.. ohwell...

Thrush Hermit will be back in Halifax by the 26th, because that is
the day that they play the Halifax Pop Explosion, opening for
Redd Kross and Doughboys at Dalhousie University.


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