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the story so far....

This is all my opinion folks...


Strawberry: pretentious and boring - and they have improved...not much talent
Plumtree:   incredible!! These girls can really play - and they are hilarious!
	    good stage presence and I loved the slap-pop bass - YEAH! They
	    put on a really fun show.
Jale:	    good, i guess, but i think they should start writing some new 
	    songs...overall - good fun, but same old same old...
Velocity Girl:	five out the 6 songs I had heard before going to the show were
		really bad, so I was blown away by their live performance.
		GREAT stuff! good crowd interaction...


Quahogs:	driving material, but run-of-the-mill I thought...not very
Hardship Post:	first time seeing these guys and they are ridiculously good!
		inrcedibly tight, excellent material, they really had the
		crowd hopping! I can't wait to see them again!!
Lou Barlou:	i certainly haven't been carried away by the sebadoh hype, so
		I don't know much about this guy. Was this his first solo
		gig? I hope so...that would give him an excuse for being as
		pathetic as he was. How many chords did he play? 5 maybe?
		He forgot the lyrics and stopped twice - it seemed like he
		was going to give up, but he just got frustrated and
		switched guitars. After a few songs on the four string he tried t
		tried to tune it. And after he failed at that he DID give up.
		Dropped the guitar and walked off....right on lou! I might 
		have felt sorry for the guy if he had even acknowledged that
		there were people there to see him....jeeeez.
Eric's Trip:	been almost a year since i last saw ET...they were really
		good then and they are really great now! Excellent show...
		contagiously energetic...loads of distortion and feedback
		as well as various other noises. I hope this translates well
		on the forthcoming cd.


didn't go.

Saturday: I am going tonight....


can someone fill in the fri and sat afternoon shows?

any other opinions?