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the story continues

Saturday Night:

Karen Foster:	arrrrrgg - did they start on time????  I got there at 10 pm
		and they were just finishing up their set. I heard 1 1/2
		songs which were VERY heavy and the guy sang like Black 
		Francis (I mean - the way BF sings a song like 'Tame'). EX+
Cheticamp:	nothing to write home about here....this band was dull.
Scarce:		Yeow! What a babe...err..bassist  (just joking!!). This band
		could play!! Lots of bottom end and very energetic stuff all
		around. The bassist looked like Natalie Merchant, but she
		could dance better  :^P      hmmmmm
Redd Cross:	I had my doubts about this band - their videos never impressed
		me and last night, while their roadieS set EVERYTHING up for
		them, placed evian water in strategic locations, etc (how do I
		get out of ths sentence! (I am not using a 'real' editor)) - 
		anyways...I thought that all this would confirm my thoughts
		of them being a flakey-retro-happy-poppy band. 
		Well THEY WEREN'T!!!! They were fantastic and had everyone in
		the crowd bouncing around - great sounding grunge-pop (and
		a ton of fun).

Redd Kross^  oops

I think that a review needs to be written for the gazette of this night so 
if anyone wants to write one and send it my way i will forward it. Otherwise,
The above may appear in some altered form - UGH!!