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9/27 Harpo's

  Well, last night I went to the Bovine Love Jelly/Change of 
Heart/Sloan gig at Harpos here in good ol' Victoria BC.... wow :)
  I thought it was a great show... BLJ played first... I had 
never heard them before, but I heard that their demo tape 
really sucked, so I didn't expect much. However, they were 
really really good.. apparently they kicked one of the members 
out and are much better now (heh heh). They're your standard 
"modern alterna-punk" guitar oriented band... all the members 
are pretty young... I'd say the oldest member is maybe 21 or 
22? The drummer is 15 however... which suprised me, as Harpos 
are usually bastards about age..ohwell.. anyways, if they ever 
come through your town (I don't really think that they have 
any x-canada touring plans soon :)) I'd really reccomend them, 
as they're really fun..
 Next up with Change of heart.. hey what can I say.. I had 
never heard this band before, so I can't really say much about 
them... they were great... not earth shatteringly so, but good 
nonetheless.. during their set I went outside to get some 
fresh air and there was Jay standing there talking to Kevin 
Lee (bass player for the godly Victoria band known as Bum, who 
are just agout to go on a tour of England with the 
Smugglers..). Actually, all the time that BLJ was playing I 
was sitting beside a window, and I could see all the members 
of sloan sitting outside in the courtyard.. but, I of course 
didn't have the courage to go out there and say hi :)
  Whoah, this is getting long, so I'll get to Sloan... they 
were really really good... they looked quite tired, which I 
guess is understandable considering its the last show of their 
Fall tour (well, not including the Halifax gig, but that 
doesn't count :) ). Unfortunately, they played a very, very 
short set (about 35-40 mins :( ).. I think because they were 
so tired maybe (?)... Jay mentioned that it was getting quite 
late.. (it was around 1:30am).. what time do shows usually 
start where you guys are? Bands almost *never* start playing 
until 10pm here at Harpos... so shows are rarely over before 
2... but anyuways, heres the setlist as I remember it.. I 
could have forgotten some, and some may be wrong... but..
1. some jellyfish babies cover I think... for the chorus they
   kept saying "blue eyes"
2. 500 Up
3. Raspberry (I think)
4. Some song that they said was new and would be on their new 
   album.. I can't remember what the chorus was, but Patrick 
   sang anyways.,,
5. Median strip
6. Pillowfight
7. Lucky for me (which is still I think my favorite sloan 
8. Take it in
9. Sugar tune
10. ?? (I didn't recognize it at ALL.. no idea :)) 
11. Underwhelmed 
Encore: Pretty voice
  Oh yeah, I should mention.. the crowd *really* got into the 
whole gig.. I was surprised... it was bloody PACKED too.. I 
don't think I've ever seen Harpos this packed.. I didn't know 
Sloan was that famous out here... Of course, since it is
Victoria we had the standard asshole sailors come in from the 
naval base yelling "It sounds better on CD!". <shaking head>.
 I'll shut up now :)

Brooks R. Duncan                                ub819\!/freenet.victoria.bc.ca
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