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Re: sloan?

}Date: Sun, 1 Aug 1993 17:07:38 -0300
}From: Michael Graham <graham\!/ug.cs.dal.ca>
}Subject: sloan?
}everyone except andrew was at the gig last night....so are they going to play

    I missed the subject line, I thought you were referring to me! <blush>
Andrew *Scott* as far as I know lives in TO, and so gigs are only possible
when the band is legitimately touring together.  This sucks!  Sloan was in
Europe last month: a friend of mine tried to call Chris, but his mom said
he was in Europe.  This makes it very difficult for him to come to the
phone :)
    I saw Pat & Jay at the Thrush Hermit Tour sendoff gig at the Deuce on
Wednesday.  Very poorly attended, partly because of the date and partly
because of the gloomy weather.  The opener was Chocolate Rocket, an
apparently recent three-piece featuring the guitarist from Purple Groove
Monsters on guitars & vocals.  I also recognized the drummer, but not the
bassist.  They weren't bad, but they weren't very tight.  They opened
with "School" by Nirvana, which made me worry that they'd be playing all
covers, but after that they didn't play much that I recognized.
    Thrush Hermit played a lot of new stuff: 4 or 5 songs I'd never heard.
I taped the show and nabbed a playlist, so I'd know what they were.  They
still played some of my faves like "Airplane", "Pink", and "Marya".  They
finished off by trading instruments: Joel sat at the drum kit, Ian played
bass and Cliff played guitar.  Rob stayed backstage while two guys (one of
whom at least I recognize as being from Hip Club Groove) came on and did a
rap with them.  Then Rob came out, acting very drunk and singing
deliberately off key, and they played yet another Kiss cover: a very
rudimentary performance of Watchin' You.  I still enjoyed it :)
    They said they'd be playing an all ages gig at the Green Room in the
Dal Sub on Friday, August 13.  This will be VERY cool!  All ages gigs
generally mean really active pits, and for anyone who hasn't been to the
Green Room, it literally does have a pit.  The dance floor is three steps
below the rest of the room, in front of a big fireplace.  I've seen
several very cool shows there.  And you don't have to be underage to enjoy
an all-ages gig, despite what some people think.