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Eric's Trip in Victoria

We all mess up once in a while, Brooks.  Here's your message, sent out to
the world for all to see:

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Date: Mon, 2 Aug 93 08:25:48 PDT
From: ub819\!/freenet.victoria.bc.ca (Brooks R. Duncan)
To: RODENHISER\!/chem1.chem.dal.ca

>    I liked SixFinger, just for their angry wierdness, but I agree that
>it's not something I'd listen to regularly.  How was ET?

Actually, I felt really bad for all the bands involved ( I didn't get to
see Pond, unfortunately, so I hope things went better for them). SIx
Finger only played for 25 mins, and no one (no one) in the crowd got into
them... at the end of their set (no one knew it was the end) when only a
few people clapped, the guy goes into the mic "gee thanks... see you in
fucking church on sunday" :) I thought it was funnny, but others didn't :)
So, I don't think Six Finger Sattellite will be coming back to Victoria
any time soon :)

[ANDREW]  They weren't too well recieved here either, although there was a
fair sized crowd and I'm sure more than a few people applauded.  The
singer jumped off the stage a few times and wandered aimlessly around the
empty dancefloor.  He was very contemplative, sort of like a method actor
trying to put himself in the correct mood for his performance.  Anyhow,
some drunken idiot tried to start a slamdance with him.  This vocalist is
about 6'6" and 220lbs.  He very quickly got annoyed with the little prick,
and the bouncers opened a door conveniently located at the side of the
dancefloor and tossed the guy into the street.  The band played straight
through the whole event.

 The crowd seemed to really get into Eric's Trip, but at the end of their
set some idiot was yelling "get offf the staaaaaaaaaaaage get off the
staaaaaaaaaaaaaaage" so RIck White (thats his name right?) started saying
"you get lost!" so, I don't think Eric's Trip was too impressed with the
crowd that night either... tehy seemed pretty PO'ed about the crowd's
treatment of 6 Finger Sattellite

[ANDREW]  Well, you guys need an attitude adjustment :)  And yes, that's
his name, assuming you're referring to the lead singer with the very long

> Was Julie her
>usual overactive, exuberant self.  The transformation between her shy
>offstage personality and her onstage franticness is amazing.

Argh ARgh ARgh I'm the biggest fool... when I got to Harpo's (the club
that they played) there was a girl there talking to the bouncer and I
thought to myself "gee.e. I wonder if that's ETs bass player). Then, later
on, she was just sort of sitting in the corner reading, and I thought
about going up to her and asking, but I didn't... THEN, during 6FSs set,
she was standing right in front of me, and I was *sure* that it was her (I
dunnoi how I knew, as I've never seen what she looks like). However, I
didn't get the courage up to ask her.. :) as it turns out, it was, of
course her :) DOH

I haven't talked to her very much either, but my younger brother, who's
somewhat more adventurous, talks to her at every gig, and has even
received free singles & stuff from her.  She's really quite approachable,
so you should have talked to her.  The red hair should have been a

>    I wonder if they're playing anywhere on the way back, or if they've
>already come home.  It seems silly to play almost every day on the trip
>west and not at all on the return trip.  Of course, one of the other bands
>(Pond, I think) would be staying out there, as they're from Oregon.

 Yeah Pond would be going back to Oregon, 6FS is from Rhode Island I
think.. and the only scheduled date for ERic's Trip ion the way back was
Vancouver, so I guess they'd be home by now... or maybe not

[ANDREW]  Yeah, I thought it was odd that they had those dates out of
longitudinal order :)
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