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Article on CBC

I'm surprised that no-one has mentioned it, so I guess I might as well...

Last night I got a call from my dad.

	Hi.  There's a story on Sloan on CBC.
When's it on?
	Now.  Bye.  <click>

Thanks, Dad.

It was the CBC PrimeTime news, and it could be possible that the article
was a repeat...but I'd never seen it before.  Actually...I think it was
brand new.

Some female reporter did it, and they just raved and raved about them.
"New bands in Halifax now trying to follow in their footsteps."  "some guy
is opening a recording studio to handle everyone..."  "will be remembered
for East Coast music along with Anne Murray and Rita McNeil (I think), in
their own way."

It was nicely done.

They had a short history on the band, and talked about the possibility of
them getting screwed over on their record deal, etc.  They mentioned that
the record co. scrapped the original video for Underwhelmed (the basement,
spin-the-bottle one), and sent then to New York for a more polished-up

They talked to Sloan, and when asked, they said the only thing that they
have in common with Nirvana is that they use guitars and that Andrew has
blond hair now.

It was about 10 minutes long (I missed the first bit), and well done.

Good stuff.