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Re: you heard it here first...

}Date:          Thu, 19 Aug 1993 15:49:58 -0300
}From:          "James R. Covey" <JRCOVEY\!/ac.dal.ca>
}Subject:       you heard it here first...

No, actually, I heard it from Chris Murphy at the CKDU gig at the Green
Room last friday.  I didn't post anything because I wasn't sure of the

The gig was unfortunately nothing to rave about:  A good crowd but a bad
sound system.  The mikes were full blast and you still couldn't hear the
vocals.  I know Dal Technical has better to offer, as I've seen great
shows there.  Count on the McInnes show to be much better.

The review:

Plum Tree:  Four very young inexperienced girls.  Half of the vocals were
spoken rather than sung.  Still, they show promise, given some practise.
Similar to my first impressions of jale.

Bunk:  Five very young but seemingly much more experienced guys.  Fast
punk/thrash mayhem.  Wicked pit action.

Hip Club Groove:  Three rappers from Truro.  Great improv lyrics, the band
changes every gig, depending on who they can convince to play with them.
Lots of fun.

Thrush Hermit:  Fresh off a tour where the average attendance was about 10
people.  Played well, but got so pissed off at the sound system that they
eventually started doing wild things on and off stage just to relieve
tension.  No encore, they'd had enough.  I taped their set and it came out
absolutely awful because of the mix.  Bought their new "John Boomer"
cassette, which is very good.

}next Sloan Halifax gig:  McGinnis Room, Dalhousie U SUB, October 3
                          McInnes, I'm being picky!

}                         opening acts:  Hip Club Groove, jale

These hip Club Groove guys are pretty good rappers.  I hope Chris plays
bass for them again.  Last week Melanie, formerly of jale/Chaz Rules/Cool
Blue Halo played and she had absolutely no clue how to lay down a funk
bass groove.  Boring.

}Sloan will not be be playing the indiefest in September...
}good news, though -- the Doughboys will be there.

Where and when is this indiefest?