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John Boomer Cassette

}Date:          Thu, 19 Aug 1993 17:44:32 -0300
}From:          "James R. Covey" <JRCOVEY\!/ac.dal.ca>
}Subject:       indiefest
}To:            gen4114+SLOAN\!/HUSKY1.STMARYS.CA

}>Thrush Hermit: Bought their new "John Boomer" cassette, which is very good.
}I haven't seen it at Sam's and it isn't in the new release bin \!/ CKDU yet.
}I've just heard that it exists -- what's on it?

I bought it at the gig.  It may not have been available until that very
moment!  It's six songs, seven bucks.  Hated it, Rosebody, Airplane,
Quartermark, Simple Universal Leader, and Cott!  Wow, off the top of my
head even, but in random order!  From Decent management, recorded I think
at Soundmarket (Terry Pulliam), and it's very clean.  Deirdre Murphy (yes,
another Murphy: any relation to Chris or Matt?) on backing vocals again,
although it's been a long time since I saw her onstage with them, and Mike
Catano gets some drum credits.  He's playing now with Essen, who I haven't
seen yet.  Joel told me they were pretty good, and compared them to
Velocity Girl, which I unfortunately haven't heard.