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Sloan X-Canada tour and other tidbits (Juicy Stuff!)

	are touring across Canada in September.   The tour kicks off
September 7.  I will be posting a complete schedule this week.

Eric's Trip:
	release their full-length album *Love Tara* October 15 across
Canada.  I will be listening to an advance copy this week and posting
a review.

Hardship Post:
	have recorded a music session with Brave New Waves to be
broadcast in the near future.  I heard a couple tracks -- they are
quite a leap forward from Mood Ring.  The "Hack EP" comes out within
the next couple of months.

Brave New Waves:
	are preparing a special on the Halifax scene, and are listening
to and recording bits of CKDU which will be included.

Halifax September alternativefest ("Molluscpalooza"?):
	will probably feature Doughboys, Velocity Girl, and Redd Kross,
among others...  I will be posting details this week.


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