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Bite (they don't)

>Hey! Did anybody catch Bite the other night in Halifax? Seems they sold all the
> cassettes we made for them (50 that night alone) and we have to ship them
>whatever we can cull from consignment at local shops here in Montreal.

They were excellent.  The crowd fed off their energy and received them warmly.
I heard that they did well in Moncton too.

Our very own listowner Scott Schuman went back to Moncton with our
mutual friend Jim to see the show -- and the band ended up crashing
at Jim's place (Jim was down from Moncton to see Hardship Post).  
So I'm sure Scott will have lots to say about the
band when he returns to Halifax on Thursday.

>P.S. Brent Bambury returns tonight after a six month vacation in Asia and
>other places........

'bout time -- he was supposed to return on the 23rd...  *grumble*

btw:  the Halifax "Pop Explosion" is scheduled for Wed Sep 22 - Sun Sep 26.


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