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Sleepless In Halifax

Has anyone seen the September issue of Harper's BAZAAR?
It contains a three-page article on the Halifax music scene,
complete with B&W photos of Sloan, jale, and Thrush Hermit.

The article describes the Double Deuce, confuses Chris 
Murphy with John Chisholm, mentions Halifax music history
like April Wine and Jellyfishbabies, describes the city,
gives a history of NSCAD (did anyone else know that Sonic
Youth once did a show in the NSCAD cafeteria?), talks
about the comparisons with Seattle, debates whether there
is an identifiable Halifax sound, and ends up chatting
with Thrush Hermit.

It is actually an interesting read, and would be easy to
find for the Americans and non-Haligonian Canucks on 
this list.


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