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more Juicy Stuff

Well, kids, looks like the Saint Mary's computer is working again.
If you tried to post anything recently that bounced, well, try
again now.

Guess what?  Julie McGovern, the bassist from Bite, is now a member
of our happy throng on Sloan Net.  Welcome, Julie!  Apparently Julie
tried to join earlier in the summer and something went wrong.  
That's fixed now though, I hope.

Has everyone seen the September issue of Harper's BAZAAR?
There's a three-page spread on the Halifax music scene,
including photos of jale, Sloan, and Thrush Hermit.
There's only one mistake -- a quote from John Chisholm is
attributed to Chris Murphy (identified as "lead singer of
Black Pool, now defunct").  :-)

This would be an easy one for our American members on the
list to lay hands on.

I learned stuff I didn't know before!


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