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July 2nd at the Double Deuce

Last night I caught the tail end of a set by Thrush Hermit, and then
Hardship Post and Potbelly.

Hardship Post put on yet another hot show.  Not a lot of people danced
but I guess they were waiting to see the main act.  Too bad because I 
think that people in general found Potbelly to be a bit of a letdown.
They have a lot of energy and sometimes some interesting guitar work
but their songs sounds too uniformly similar and there isn't anything
happening up there that we haven't seen before.  In general, they need
to tighten up a bit.  Still, they weren't bad.

At a postgig party I talked to the drummer for HP who told me that 
the band are trying to get their MURDERecords EP out as fast as possible.

At the party Snob Shop did a set, then Chris Murphy and Matt Murphy
joined the Thrush Hermit guys to cover Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean"
(you haven't lived until you've seen Chris Murphy dancing like MJ), then
Thrush Hermit did some of their tunes and their KISS cover.  Then half
of jale formed an impromptu band with half of Sloan (Jenny, Alyson, Chris,
Patrick) to do one song.  The highlight of the party, if it wasn't Billie
Jean, was Laura singing "Girl You Really Got Me" by the Kinks while 
fronting Snob Shop... an odd twist to say the least...


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