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preview of T-Can Tour gig \!/ Double Deuce July 9

by Andy Lamey from *The Coast* Vol 1 No 2

	They rock *and* they're from Moncton.  What else do
you want?  They are ERIC'S TRIP, and they'll be in town 
Friday July 9 to make a big noise at the Double Deuce.  That
alone would be worth the $7 price of admission, but with
foreign kids SIX FINGER SATELLITE and POND helping out with
the uber-sonic *Sturm und Drang*, this trans-Canada tour 
kick-off deserves at least two days clearance in your 
datebook; one to go see, and one to recover.  The music can 
speak for itself much better than we could ever describe it,
so all we'll point out here is that if Pond play "Filler,"
the world could very well be a better place for it, and that
we deliberately didn't use that "gr" word that rhymes with 
"lunge" to describe any of the bands because all three 
transcend the label in their own wonderful way.
	Sub Pop however is one label none of them transcend,
what with this being a Sub Pop records tour and all.  If 
your band isn't signed, and you're jealous (c'mon now, admit
it) then you probably want to be in the audience on gig 
night, if only to pester Sub Pop records co-founder JONATHON
PONEMAN who will be making a rare Halifax appearance.  "If
someone happens to recognize my ugly mug in the crowd, they 
should feel free to come up and give me a [demo] tape, 
because that's my job."  We strongly recommend however, that
you go for the music, and don't divert your attention from 
the stage unless it's an absolute medical emergency.  And
while you're at it, forget all this hype about Seattle being
"the next Halifax."  Washington is way too far away from 
Moncton for that.

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