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Well, kids it's finally in the works and over half done...
it's the Sloan lyric file.
Here are the songs that are included, so if you want my best stab 
at the lyrics for a particular song, you know where to look.
Songs:  Amped    (from European CD single "Underwhelmed")
        Sleepover  "     "      "   "         "
        Rag Doll (from "Take It In" US radio promo version)
        Rag Doll (from "Cod Can't Hear" - yes, the lyrics are 
        Laying Blame (from "Take It In" US radio promo)
        I Am The Cancer
        Median Strip
        Take It In
        500 Up
        Marcus Said
        Left Of Centre
        Two Seate
        What's There To Decide?
        A Case Of You (from "Back To The Garden" - Joni Mitchell 
        Pillow Fight (from "Never Mind The Molluscs")
        Pretty Voice (from the "Peppermint" EP)
        Lucky For Me ( "    "       "       " )
        Torn         ( "    "       "       " )
So that's 22 songs, I think, so step right up folks.
If you request it now, I'll send it out as soon as it's ready.
It will also be kept in the SLOANet Archives so if you want to 
request it in the future, feel free.
Scott Schuman