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comments from Kim on Barry Walsh column

	Looks like you intended this for Sloan Net, so I am
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	I should say that Barry did not post the article,
I did -- I reproduced the *Coast* article in full.  It's
not clear whether you though that was the case, but
	See you on Wednesday...  ;-)


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Well, Barry, there was more going on B.S. than you give credit to.  CKDU
had a show featuring originals by local bands as far back as 1979, when the
Trash Cans and the Baby Crushers preformed at Odin's Eye (a little before your
time)... When Re-Press got off the ground in 1982, our hardest job was to
convince bands like the Hopping Penguins that they should be writing and 
playing original music....it took them over seven years to write their first
viable original tune!  One major problem was the musicians union, which 
"Blackballed" a great number of gigs because the bands were not union 
members -- of course, how could they earn enough to join the union if they
weren't allowed to play?  The skate punks from Urban Attack and Suburban
Rebels staged a "demonstration" at the Union H.O. ... and one thing we love
to forget is that Hfx has always had a number of metal garage bands that
simply receive no credit at all -- until recently, when Weasel-Faced Judge
were included on the CKDU compilation.
Ron MacDonald has documented the Hfx scene of the late 70's quite thoroughly --
perhaps The Coast would be interested in this material??