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Eric's Trip Stereo Mountain

    My brother talked to Rick & Julie after the gig July 9th and managed
to pick up a copy of their new 4-song 7" Stereo Mountain.  Sorry I'm so
late, but I didn't really get a chance to hear it until now.  So anyway,
there's more stuff to add to your discography.  The song list is:
Five-year-old Girlfriend     (Julie)
Mountain                     (Rick)
Frame                        (Chris)
Muff                         (Mark)

The songs are all solo projects: each one is performed alone by one
member of the band.  As you would expect, the first two are heavy on the
vocals, while the last two are mostly instrumental.  It's a numbered
issue of 300 (his copy is #34) and apparently not available in stores.  It
doesn't even say Eric's Trip on the cover.

Sorry, James, if I'd known I'd have nabbed one for you.  I'll trade you a
copy for a copy of the Take It In promo though...

They also gave out guitar case stickers that read "SAPPY MUSIC IS BETTER".
Sappy Music is Julie's label, on which Stereo Mountain is released.

We also taped the gig, and in some respects I find that the cheap bootleg
sounds better than some of their vinyl.  More energy and less muddy,
although the mixing on the Walkman also leaves something to be desired :)
Peter Rowan and members of the band hung in through my car windows
listening to it after the show, and they liked it too.

We also ran into Laura Borealis, who's now in Chicago.  She said she'd
trade us a copy of the previous night's Broken Girl performance for a copy
of our Snob Shop bootleg from two weeks before at the Thrush Hermit
Graduation Party.  Now we're waiting for her to write us from Chicago.

And she said she and Chris are still happy, and the thing about breaking
up with Ian ("This is sort of my 'Fuck You' song) was all a joke, although
the song was apparently written after a fight with Chris.  She also said
she wrote all the songs that Snob Shop played.

Anyhow, my brother Adam says this is starting to sound like a gossip
column :)

Tune in next week...

P.S. Any cool gigs coming up?  I'm still debating whether I should go see
Jerry Granelli at the Jazz Festival Friday or go to Scotia Speedworld for
the ACT race (Adam of course tells me we're going racing :)