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Pond/Eric's Trip/Six Finger Satellite show

Went and saw this show last night, and it was the best thing I've been
to in a long time.
For starters, 6 finger sattelite, who I love, were incredible. The
lead singer struck me as being fucked out of his head on something. He
was molesting other band members, and audience members, and a couple
times fell off of the stage, and kind of squirmed around on the floor.
At one point, he was licking guitar player Larrys face, and Larry
looked like he wanted to cry. It was great. I should also mention that
the lead singer, Jay, came out wearing red leathers and a really big
cowboy hat. during their entire set, the rest of the band seemed kind
of scared of Jay, kind of ovewrwhelmed by his stage presence. 
   What made the whole thing even more interesting was that after
their set, I was talking to Jay, the lead singer, and he seemed
perfectly straight. 

   I hadn't heard any of Eric's Trip before the show, and was really
impressed with them. 

   Pond was great. I saw them when they opened for Sugar, and they
seemed to have a lot more energy and enthusiasm for this show. They
joked around with the audience a lot, and the bass player/singer Chris
put down his bass at one point and joined those audience members who
were slamming. 

A great show, indeed.
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